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*2/9 Guided Meditation is cancelled*

As space is limited, reservations are required for all activities.

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A new monthly gathering in support of your Spiritual Awakening Process: 

We at New Earth are seeing an increased need for a support group to address the needs of spiritual awakening. A well known word for this process is Ascension. Others describe it as spiritual evolution.  Many are neck deep in this awakening, others are wading in, others remain on the bank pondering the need to understand and transform. What is most obvious to us is that we can not move in this fertile field of planetary and personal change without others to talk to and receive loving feedback and encouragement.

Beginning February  18, 2017,  we will meet monthly at New Earth on the third Saturday morning of each month at 11:00 AM.  Please check the Upcoming Events page of the website. Our gatherings will be 90 minutes long and be facilitated by Jen and Iris. We will provide our latest "take" on what is happening, offer any information we have come across and then open to discussion and sharing of our personal experiences. We are asking for a contribution of $25 per person to attend. This is a 'drop in as needed participation', with the understanding that we are a community learning to  lean into each other and trust our processes.


february specials:

 *Axiatonal Alignment with Wendy - $65 ($10 savings).

* Past Life Regression with Marilyn - $125 ($25 savings).

*Hypnosis for Emotional Release of Anxiety & Addiction with Reiki - $125 ($25 savings).

*IET with Marilyn - $125 ($25 savings).

*Eclipse Readings with Iris $150 ($35 savings) - Special readings on 2/10 & 2/25, the day preceding each eclipse. Eclipses are highly energized times that can be  tapped into to assist our efforts to release and shift.


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